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Investing in your fraternity by creating a legacy gift to the 1832 Foundation in your will, trust or by beneficiary designation allows you to make the fraternity a part of your own story. Your future gift is a testament to those things important in your life, and what your enduring legacy will be for future generations. 


One of the most popular ways to make the fraternity a part of your life’s enduring legacy is by naming the Alpha Delta Phi Foundation in your will or trust. 


A gift in your will is an expression of your most deeply held values. Many people like to leave a gift to charity because they care about the causes that are important in their lives. As someone who cares about the fraternity and the life-long commitment you made during your initiation, you can help ensure a strong and thriving future generations to come. 


Best of all, you can support Alpha Delta Phi, our chapters, and our students while still providing for your family and loved ones. Many supporters choose this option by naming the Alpha Delta Phi Foundation as a small percentage and contingent beneficiary of their plans. 


To include the 1832 Foundation in your will or trust or to name us as a beneficiary of your retirement account or life insurance policy, provide your financial advisor/administrator with the following language: 


"I give and bequeath ______ (dollar amount, percentage of residuary estate, specific asset, etc.) to the 1832 Foundation  (Federal Tax I.D. 82-1760616), 60 S. 6th St. Suite 2800, Minneapolis, MN 55402."


A charitable gift annuity is the gift that pays you back. By establishing a gift annuity with the 1832 Foundation, you will receive payments every single year, for as long as you live, backed by all of the assets of the Foundation. Even better, you will help ensure future Alpha Delts have the educational tools and resources they need to succeed. Here’s how it works: 

  1. You make an irrevocable gift to the 1832 Foundation using cash, stock or real estate. (Our minimum is $10,000.) 

  2. You receive annual income at an attractive rate (in many cases tax advantaged) for the rest of your life, no matter what happens in the stock market. 

  3. You can rest easy, knowing you're investing in a strong future for generations of Alpha Delts to come.


Gift annuities can be arranged for up to two beneficiaries and are a great way to boost your retirement portfolio. Or, for those inclined, payments can be directed to your children or even to support a loved one with special needs. 


If you have owned highly appreciated stock for more than one year, using stock to fund your gift annuity is a fantastic way to support a charitable cause and mitigate capital gains taxes. Though you must be age 65 or older to receive payments, individuals who are younger can use this as an effective retirement planning tool. 


If you are age 70 and 1/2 or older and have assets in an IRA, you are legally required to withdraw what is called a mandatory minimum distribution each year. These distributions are counted as personal income and taxed accordingly. Many Foundation supporters who do not wish to be taxed on this income choose to donate all or a portion of it to the 1832 Foundation. Doing so lowers your annual taxable income by the gift amount. 


You can join the 1832 Club online here or by clicking the join button below, or you can set up your membership over the phone by calling the 1832 Foundation at 508-226-1832. You can also join by establishing a recurring gift through the online bill pay options of your own financial institution or employer’s payroll department.

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