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We understand that not everyone likes to invest in the same way. For that reason, there are a variety of funds and initiatives that enable you to meet your personal charitable goals while ensuring that your gift to the 1832 Foundation aligns with your passion. No matter the method or fund you choose, we guarantee it will have a lasting impact on the undergraduate men of the Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity.


New programs are created each year and much of the service and progress of both the Fraternity and Foundation is fueled through the support of unrestricted giving. In addition, these types of gifts are essential to the 1832 Foundation’s operations so that the money raised can be distributed to do the most good for as many undergraduate brothers as possible. 


Alumni, parents and friends can choose to designate their gift to a specific leadership program, scholarship, purpose, need or chapter. There are more leadership training programs, technology upgrades, and young Alpha Delts to support than there is current funding.


To make an impact on young men in perpetuity, alumni, parents and friends can establish an endowment fund through the 1832 Foundation. The threshold for creating an endowment is $10,000 and your gift can be made as one lump sum or spread over up to three years. Endowment funds can support leadership training, scholarships, a specific chapter or program or make an impact on all young Alpha Delt men wherever the need is greatest. 


Your contribution helps advance the mission and goals of both the Foundation and the Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity. To make a gift to the 1832 Foundation, choose one of the many giving options below. You can designate your gift to the Annual Fund, a program of your choice, your chapter or an endowment fund.




You can make a gift today via credit card or check. We offer several methods for making your gift right now. To donate now, click here.


The 1832 Club program allows you to have money withdrawn directly from your account without having to write monthly checks or one substantial check. You can make a monthly or quarterly gift on the 1st of 15th of the month from your checking account or credit card to our general fund.

Making a gift in memory or recognition of a brother or loved one ensures the individual’s well-deserved legacy lives on within our organization. Any amount to any fund can be directed toward this type of recognition. Simply indicate who you would like to honor when making your gift (online - in the notes section or by check - in the memo line of the check). 


The 1832 offers many options for leaving your legacy such as bequests, trusts, charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts. Contact our staff to learn more or to receive more information on the options available to you.


A gift annuity is a simple, contractual agreement between one or two donors and the 1832 Foundation in which assets are transferred in exchange for lifetime income. You receive an immediate charitable income tax deduction, and the rates are based on your age at establishment. Payments can start immediately or be deferred. 


Many companies offer matching programs to double the charitable contributions of their employees. Not all corporate programs will match to fraternity foundations. However, if your company does match, it’s a great way to double the impact of your giving. Contact your HR representative to find out your options. Our staff is willing to help complete any paperwork necessary as well. 


When you started your IRA years ago, you knew you were investing in the future. When you make an gift from your IRA to the 1832 Foundation, you will invest in the future again. Gifts from your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) are an excellent way for you to make a charitable donation. The Charitable IRA Rollover law is now permanent allowing you to make tax-free gifts to the charitable organizations, such as the 1832 Foundation, from your IRA now and every year thereafter. 


A fully paid-up policy can be donated by naming the 1832 Foundation as the irrevocable owner and beneficiary of the policy. You are then entitled to an income tax deduction for an amount equivalent to the cash value of the policy. Life insurance is a useful vehicle for making a substantial gift for the future of the fraternity without removing major assets from your portfolio. In addition to the tax benefits to the donor, the large cash values resulting from relatively small premiums allow many donors to make more substantial gifts through life insurance than they could on a current outright basis. 

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